• Kelsey Ford presenting on user center design as part of Designing for Dissemination this afternoon!
  • mHealth lab is joining the conversations at Using Virtual Platforms to Engage Stakeholders in Research
  • Dr. Sheana Bull presents "Evaluation and Validation: Study designs for trials in mHealth" at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Director Dr. Sheana Bull, in DC at NIH, today discussing a new project that is in the works!

mHealth Impact Lab

We provide expertise in a broad range of mHealth research areas .


Concept & Model Development

We help quickly assess reactions to new ideas for mHealth intervention. The concept phase involves initial idea generation (i.e., how one might use an emerging technology in health promotion or care delivery). Model development is an initial and iterative process to involve organizational stakeholders and end users in online discussions to identify salient, engaging, and feasible interface and app design features

Pilot Testing

Pilot-test prototypes establish estimates for efficacy.  We rapidly generate pilot data to include in a larger scale trial application. This may include randomized controlled trials or alternative study designs where end users participate in online pre- and post- evaluation, and participate in a pilot of the eHealth promotion or disease prevention program. The pilot tests occur within systems to assess potential for widespread dissemination and impact.

Content Testing

We develop beta-test prototypes to ensure intended functionality, reliability, and flexibility. Conducting UX/UI testing by tracking in-app behaviors and online focus groups. A group of end users (i.e. those for whom the program is intended) will be recruited for real-time testing of the product in person and/or online for consumer interests, preferences, traffic source and in-app behaviors.

Proposal Support

Beyond grant consultations, we offer expertise in proposal development and IRB submission support

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

mhealth Impact Lab

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Our mission is to address inequities in health outcomes through high quality mobile and digital solutions for health promotion and disease prevention

Some of our projects

The mHealth Impact Lab has worked with various researchers, clinicians, and enterprises to validate and test digital health solutions within communities – both locally and globally. We assist in various stages of a project’s life cycle, including community engagement, design, and evaluation.


17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

Kelsey Ford presenting on user center design as part of Designing for Dissemination this afternoon!
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Why mHealth Evaluation Matters

Tech developers and startups create apps but then they are rarely if ever evaluated for effectiveness in changing behaviors or improving health.

Academic researchers evaluate mHealth programs, but processes are slow, and apps may be obsolete by the time they show it is effective

We are a leading service center for mHealth research

mHealth Impact Lab

Creating and Curating Digital Health Solutions

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