Why mHealth R&D?

There are now hundreds of thousands of technology-based solutions—mobile apps, web-based platforms, or emerging innovations—to help us achieve or maintain wellness.It is our conviction in the mHealth Impact Lab that it isn’t enough to simply develop technology-based applications and make them available through an app store or via social media. We believe to truly make contributions in mHealth, we must rigorously evaluate mHealth tools and curate those solutions that have scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that they can impact health. Despite the promise of technology in improving health outcomes and preventing disease, current digital health interventions lack user-centered design, theory-informed features, and evidence of efficacy. The mHealth Impact Lab advocates for interdisciplinary collaboration that drives the digital health field forward, striving for clinical validation and improvement of the innovative technologies intended to impact health behaviors and care delivery.

We are committed to championing innovation in digital & mobile heatlh. Whether it’s Concept & Model Development, Content Testing, Pilot Testing, Proposal Support , and more, we’ve got you covered.Got questions? Want to get involved? Got a project in mind? You are just a click away! Let’s hear from you

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