CR Nudge

Optimizing a mobile application to support cardiovascular rehabilitation
Uptake of rehabilitation (rehab) among patients with cardiovascular disease is poor and worse for minorities, younger adults, women and those with lower levels of education, even though the benefits of rehabilitation are well documented. Home-based rehab programs increase access and flexibility, and address some of the patient barriers to enrollment. Multiple studies have found that when cardiac rehab can be accessed at home or at a dedicated center, patient outcomes improve, and evidence shows that patients stick with home based cardiac rehab more consistently. In this project funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, mHealth Impact is partnering with Denver Health and Hospital Authority to investigate whether enhancing a mobile application (app) designed to support home-based cardiac rehab can improve enrollment in and adherence to cardiac rehab among diverse patients. What we learn in this project will inform the design and content for mobile applications intended to facilitate self-management for persons with chronic conditions.