Obtaining provider feedback on medical information delivery
The mHealth Impact Lab undertook two projects on behalf of PhactMI, a not-for-profit collaborative consortium of pharmaceutical company medical information professionals with the goal of improving the provision of up-to-date medical information at the point of care to health care providers. The long-term intent of this work is to better inform prescriber decision-making. Information about medication dosing, efficacy, drug interactions, and adverse events are all included in the types of medical information that PhactMI seeks to make available through electronic health record workflows and stand-alone digital health solutions. Over the course of six months, the project team completed 30 interviews and two sets of focused group discussions with health care providers, including MDs, PharmDs, nurses, and allied health professionals, in order to obtain diverse provider perspectives and preferences about electronic medical information delivery solution design and content. Results were synthesized into preliminary and final reports and used to inform solution development.