The mHealth Impact Lab has worked with various researchers, clinicians, and enterprises to validate and test digital health solutions within communities – both locally and globally. We assist in various stages of a project’s life cycle, including community engagement, design, and evaluation. Canva - Apple, Watch, Technology, Internet, Icon, Design, Time (1)

The mHealth Impact Registry

The mHealth Impact Registry proof of concept seeks to develop a registration platform designed for rapid and responsive recruitment of participants for mHealth research studies. The registry allows participants to gain tailored health education with an opportunity to participate in any ongoing research to which they are eligible. (2018) Sheana Bull, PhD MPH

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD)

Educational App and mobile digital tool to support research on spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) in athletic women that are pregnant or have children to provide levels of social support to SCAD women. (2017) Jonathan A. Shaffer, Ph.D., M.S.

Marijuana Education Program Youth Evaluation (MEP)

The primary goal of the youth evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the Protect What’s Next (PWN) retail marijuana education campaign in order to understand if, and to what extent, influence of a primarily digital campaign (e.g., digital ads in apps and on mobile, social media, etc.) impacts knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of retail marijuana use in its intended audience. (2017)   Sheana Bull, PhD MPH

Mother’s Milk Messaging (MMM)

Text message and social media program to support breastfeeding practices. (2016) Maya Bunik, MD


Creates a medication adherence support concept for patient who are in cardiac resources. (2018)


Development of an individually tailored mobile health application that can integrate with current provider practices for liver transplant recipients at risk for non-adherence (2018) Pooja Mehta; Bethany Kwan PhD

Bright By Three (BB3)

Offers parents of children aged 0-3 with tools, information and resources to empower them to be the first and most influential teacher in their child’s life (2018) Mandy Allison, MD; Steve Berman

UTI Decide App

Provided focused app, designed to assist in assessing nursing home residents with suspected urinary tract infection. (2017) Heidi Wald, MD

Convoy Heart Failure (HF) App

Pilot test a mobile application to support symptom-management for older patients with heart failure (HF) following hospital discharge. (2017) Jennifer Dickman Portz, PhD MSW; Tam Vu, PhD


A web/mobile-based digital health system that connects patients to community-based resources      (2017) Bethany Kwan PhD

Colorectal Cancer Screening Program (CCSP)

Development of a text messaging campaign to support increase screening of colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer.   (2017)   Andrea Dwyer

Fit After Baby

Used text messaging, social media, wireless fitness devices, (i.e., Fitbit) and a wireless scale in a single application designed to support post-partum weight loss. (2015)        Jacinda Nicklas, MD

The Tanzania Health Information Technology Project (T-HIT)

Partnership between the University of Colorado and Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS) in Mwanza, Tanzania. The study is exploring the preliminary efficacy associated with using mobile tablets for data collection related to HIV prevention and care for pregnant women. (2015)

The Guatemala Pregnancy Registry

Offered a phone-based data collection for rural community health workers to identify and deliver care to pregnant women in 20 rural communities in the Trifinio region of Southwestern Guatemala. (2015) Edwin Asturias, MD

The HPV Vaccine Pilot: The Text 4 Vaccine Project

Addresses disparities in HPV infection and cervical cancer and increases access to sexual and reproductive health care for youth. Study determined if cell phone text message reminders can increase compliance with HPV vaccines. (2013) Amanda Dempsey, MD, PhD, MPH

Breast Feeding 2.0

To determine if cell phone text messages can help to maintain exclusive breastfeeding and delay weaning. (2013) Maya Bunik, MD

Improving access to sexual and reproductive health

Using digital storytelling and social media among pregnant and parenting teens to facilitate dialogue among policy makers to respond to barriers identified in accessing sexual and reproductive health services for Latina teens in Colorado. (2013) Evelinn Borrayo, PhD


Used social media to improve health behaviors by creating and evaluating Just/Us, a Facebook page designed for inner city minority youth to maintain healthy sexual behaviors to reduce sexually transmitted infections.          (2013) Sheana Bull, PhD MPH

The 411 on Safe Text

Used mobile phones to support healthy sexual behaviors among young black men in Philadelphia. (2010)


Created tailored messages and computer algorithms on a computer kiosk website to influence nutrition and physical activity among Latinos. (2010) Sheana Bull, PhD MPH


Used tailored messages and computer algorithms on a website to influence youth behaviors. Youth exposed to the website showed improvements in norms related to condom use.   (2008) Sheana Bull, PhD MPH