We R Native

Evaluating We R Native, a technology-based resource to support mental health among American Indian and Alaska Native Youth
Despite immense cultural resilience and pride, American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN or Native) youth are disproportionally impacted by stress, depression and suicide. As one way to help address this critical issue, The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board is adapting We R Native – a holistic, multimedia health resource that reaches over 5,000 viewers per day across its divers social and mobile media messaging channels—to help users connect with mental health resources. The mHealth Impact Lab is partnering with the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board to conduct systematic research to determine the extent to which the We R Native content fosters mental health and resilience, generate coping skills and self-efficacy, and promote healthy social norms – all protective factors against suicide and substance abuse. What we learn in this project will assist public health practitioners in the strategic use of social and mobile media to promote mental wellness among diverse populations of youth.